PC_SALITY.EN Virus Infects DCS Servers and Historians

Event Year: 2009 Reliability: Confirmed
Country: South Africa
Industry Type: Chemical

OPC Services stopped running on two OPC servers following a hardware & application software upgrade of 4 OPC client machines that were connected to the servers.  The client upgrades were aborted and the old machines were reinstalled.  The OPC servers could not be rebooted.  Upon investigation the PE_SALITY virus was found on both of the OPC servers.


Operators ran the plant “blind” for over 8 hours while engineering rebuilt both of the OPC servers.

Action Description: Made the following changes: No third party software to be installed on any server if it is not approved by the vendor. No server is allowed to be integrated in network if it is not tested for viruses/virus free No remote access allowed Only used dedicated memory sticks in servers