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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

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Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Accidental Remote Uploading of PLC Program 2000 Petroleum Canada
Ethernet Storm Wipes PLC’s Processor Memory 2000 Unknown Australia
Maroochy Shire Sewage Spill 2000 Water/Waste Water Australia
Accidental Remote Control 2000 General Manufacturing Sweden
Hacker Takes Over Russian Gas System 1999 Petroleum Russian Federation
Navy Radar Shuts Down SCADA Systems 1999 Water/Waste Water United States
Virus Infection On DCS 1999 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Olympic Pipeline Rupture and Subsequent Fire 1999 Petroleum United States
Y2K Test Crashes Reactor Computer 1999 Power and Utilities United States
Power Outages and Other Service Interruptions 1999 Power and Utilities United States
Computer Flaw Makes Water Undrinkable 1998 Water/Waste Water United States
DCS Console Reprogramming Causes Gateway Fault 1998 Pulp and Paper Canada
Ping Sweep Causes PCS System to Hang 1998 Other Unknown
Ping Sweep Causes Inappropriate Control of a 9 Foot Robotic Arm 1998 Other Unknown
Hackers Attack NZ & Aust for Joining Gulf Taskforce 1998 Power and Utilities New Zealand
Broadcast Storm Shuts Down DCS Consoles 1997 Pulp and Paper Canada
New Serial Communications Line Disrupts Network 1997 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Korean Air Line B747 CFIT Accident in Guam 1997 Transportation Guam
Worcester Air Traffic Communications System Hack 1997 Transportation United States
Wrong Code Downloaded to PLC Causes Plant to Shutdown 1997 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Omega Engineering Sabotage 1996 Electronic Manufacturing United States
Duplicate IP Address Prevents Machine Startup 1996 Pulp and Paper Canada
Oakland Air-Traffic Control Center Outage 1995 Transportation United States
PLCs Crashed by IT Audit 1995 Food & Beverage United States
Salt River Project Hack 1994 Power and Utilities United States
Computer Software Faults May Have Caused Chinook Helicopter Crash 1994 Transportation United Kingdom
Computer Sabotage at Nuclear Power Plant 1992 Power and Utilities Lithuania
Computer Error at Sellafield Nuclear Plant in UK 1991 Power and Utilities United Kingdom
Oil Company SCADA System Impacted by RF Interference 1989 Petroleum United States
PLC Password Change 1988 Pulp and Paper Canada
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