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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

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Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Engineers Hack into Los Angeles Traffic Signal Computer 2006 Transportation United States
Computer Failure Causes Jet Crash 2009 Transportation France
Tunnel Shutdown after Fault in Control System 2008 Transportation Australia
Washington DC Metro Accident 2009 Transportation United States
Texas Road Sign Hack 2009 Transportation United States
Schoolboy Hacks into Polish Tram System 2008 Transportation Poland
Remote Software Upgrade Causes Loss of Control & View 2006 Transportation United Kingdom
Worcester Air Traffic Communications System Hack 1997 Transportation United States
Sobig Virus Strikes CSX Train Signalling System 2003 Transportation United States
Ski Gondola Worker Shutdown Control System 2002 Transportation United States
Nacchi Virus Infects Air Canada Check-In System 2003 Transportation Canada
Virus Shuts Down AC Jazz Airline Flight Planning Computer 2003 Transportation Canada
Computer Error Grounds Japanese Flights 2003 Transportation Japan
Runaway Remote Control Train 2002 Transportation United States
Errant AntiVirus Definition Brings Down Railway LANs 2005 Transportation Japan
UK Air Traffic Control Computers Fail 2002 Transportation United Kingdom
Korean Air Line B747 CFIT Accident in Guam 1997 Transportation Guam
Oakland Air-Traffic Control Center Outage 1995 Transportation United States
Sasser Worm Hits British Airways 2004 Transportation United Kingdom
Air Traffic Radar System in Palmdale California Crashes 2004 Transportation United States
DoS Attack Shuts Down Port of Houston 2001 Transportation United States
After ‘Godzilla Attack!’ U.S. warns about traffic-sign hackers 2014 Transportation United States
U-2 spy plane caused widespread shutdown of U.S. flights: report 2014 Transportation United States
Paperless Chart Recorder Software Hacked 2009 Unknown United Kingdom
Date Triggered Code Found on PLC 2003 Unknown Unknown
Spybot Infection 2004 Unknown Unknown
Hackers gain unauthorized access to a modular hybrid controller 2002 Unknown Unknown
Korgo Worm Infects 20 Workstations 2004 Unknown Unknown
Unauthorized Connection Permits Sasser Infection 2004 Unknown Unknown
Malformed Packet Causes PLC Crash 2002 Unknown United States
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