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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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PLCs Crashed by IT Audit 1995 Food & Beverage United States
PLC Crash In Food Plant 2005 Food & Beverage United States
Nimda Impact on Manufacturing System 2001 Food & Beverage United States
Software Manufacturing Company Firewall Breach 2012 General Manufacturing Canada
Former System Administrator Sentenced for Wrecking Corporate Servers 2007 General Manufacturing United States
Accidental Remote Control 2000 General Manufacturing Sweden
Trojan Found on SCADA Server 2006 General Manufacturing Russia
Malware Shuts Down Milling Factory 2010 General Manufacturing Iran
Single PLC Lost For Unknown Reason 2003 General Manufacturing United States
Steel plant infected with Conficker 2011 Metals
Steel Plant infection with Ahack Worm 2008 Metals Brazil
11 Ethernet PLCs Fail At Once 2003 Metals United States
Blaster Impacts HMI Stations in Smelter 2003 Metals Canada
German Steel Mill Cyber Attack 2014 Metals Germany
Software Bug Blamed in Radioactive Spill 2002 Mining Australia
Computer Virus Strikes Two Scottish Hospitals 2009 Other United Kingdom
Computer Glitch Causes Roller Coaster Malfunction 2012 Other United States
Industrial Control System Hacked Using Backdoor Posted Online 2012 Other United States
Computer Virus Infects Three London Hospitals 2008 Other United Kingdom
Malware Shuts Down Hospital 2011 Other United States
Computer Glitch Causes shutdown of 2 Amusement Park Rides 2012 Other United States
Automated Antiaircraft Cannon Malfunctions, Kills 9, Wounds 14 2007 Other South Africa
Hospital HVAC Hack 2009 Other United States
Environmental Southland Target of Cyber Vandals 2009 Other New Zealand
Hacker Activates Emergency Sirens 2008 Other United States
Cancer Treatment Delayed by Virus 2006 Other United Kingdom
Penetration Test Locks-Up Gas Utility SCADA System 2002 Other Unknown
Ping Sweep Causes Inappropriate Control of a 9 Foot Robotic Arm 1998 Other Unknown
Ping Sweep Causes PCS System to Hang 1998 Other Unknown
Sasser Infection from the Enterprise Network 2004 Other Unknown
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