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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Server Out of Memory 2006 Other Italy
Change of Network Service Stopped OSI Layer-2 Communication 2003 Other Switzerland
Instability of the OSI Layer-2 Bridging 2004 Other Switzerland
Weekly Connection Loss to PLCs 2004 Other Switzerland
Blockage of 12 Out Of 13 PLC Systems 2004 Other Switzerland
UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency Hit by Sasser Worm 2004 Other United Kingdom
Shamoon virus knocks out computers at Qatari gas firm RasGas 2012 Petroleum Qatar
Process Control Network Infected with a Virus 2012 Petroleum
Gas Company Virus Infection 2012 Petroleum
Computer Virus Targets Saudi Arabian Oil Company 2012 Petroleum Saudi Arabia
Computer Glitch Prevents Return of Gas Service 2011 Petroleum Israel
Trans-Alaska pipeline spill 2010 Petroleum United States
Refinery Explosion and Fire Caused by Non-Functioning Computerized Level Monitoring System 2009 Petroleum United States
Hacker Disabled Offshore Oil Platforms 2008 Petroleum United States
Control System Infected with SQLslammer Worm 2003 Petroleum Unknown
Blaster Infects Onshore Oil Production Control System 2003 Petroleum United States
Virus/Worm Infects New Oil Platform 2003 Petroleum Norway
MUMU Infection of Operator Training System 2003 Petroleum United States
MUMU Infection of Fiscal Metering System 2003 Petroleum United Kingdom
MUMU Infection of Leak Detection System 2003 Petroleum United Kingdom
Ping Sweep Caused DOS on PCN Firewall 2005 Petroleum United Kingdom
Worm attack on Drilling Control system 2004 Petroleum United Kingdom
Sasser Worm Infection in Process Control System. 2004 Petroleum United Kingdom
Code Red Worm Defaces Automation Web Pages 2001 Petroleum United States
Welchia Worm Infects Automation Network 2003 Petroleum United States
SQL Slammer Impacts Drill Site 2003 Petroleum United States
Slammer Impacts Offshore Platforms 2003 Petroleum United States
Two Viruses Cause Near Miss With Process Control Networks (PCN) in Africa 2004 Petroleum Chad
Olympic Pipeline Rupture and Subsequent Fire 1999 Petroleum United States
Electronic Sabotage of Petroleum Company’s Gas Processing Plant 2001 Petroleum United States
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