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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Computer Failure Causes Jet Crash 2009 Transportation France
Engineers Hack into Los Angeles Traffic Signal Computer 2006 Transportation United States
Computer Problems Causes Flight Delays 2008 Transportation United States
Computer Error Causes Flight Delays 2009 Transportation United States
SCADA System Failure Causes Shut down of Dublin Port Tunnel 2008 Transportation Ireland
Computer glitch caused plane’s altitude to drop 2009 Transportation Australia
Computer Glitch Causes Monongahela Incline Shut Down 2010 Transportation United States
Malware a Factor in Spanair Plane Crash 2011 Transportation Spain
SCADA System Collapse Leads to Tunnel Closure 2008 Transportation Ireland
Computer Software Faults May Have Caused Chinook Helicopter Crash 1994 Transportation United Kingdom
Faulty Train Signal Sends Train on Collision Course 2010 Transportation United Kingdom
Faulty Signaling Software Causes Train Delays 2011 Transportation United Kingdom
Computer glitch blamed for train signalling failure 2011 Transportation Australia
Emergency flight landing caused by computer glitch 2011 Transportation United States
Software failure contributes to rail car fire 2007 Transportation United States
Computer Glitch Causes Ride Shutdown 2011 Transportation United States
Computer glitch causes delayed and canceled flights 2011 Transportation United States
Control system failure causes bridge delays 2011 Transportation Guyana
Computer glitch causes BART train service shutdown 2011 Transportation United States
Computer Glitch Causes Airplane Plunge 2008 Transportation Australia
Computer Glitch Causes Shutdown of Airport People Mover 2011 Transportation United States
Computer Glitch Stops Trains 2012 Transportation The Philippines
Trains Shut Down Due to Computer Malfunction 2012 Transportation United States
Computer Malfunction Causes Train Delays 2012 Transportation United States
Cascade of Computer Crashes Causes Metro System Shutdown 2012 Transportation United States
Virus shuts down county highway department network 2013 Transportation United States
Signal problems cause train delays 2013 Transportation United States
Broadcast Storm Shuts Down DCS Consoles 1997 Pulp and Paper Canada
PLC Password Change 1988 Pulp and Paper Canada
Duplicate IP Address Prevents Machine Startup 1996 Pulp and Paper Canada
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