About RISI

RISI has a history dating back to early 2001 when Eric Byres, Justin Lowe, and David Leversage developed a database called the Industrial Security Incidents Database (ISID) while working on an academic research project. ISID tracked industrial security incidents affecting control systems allowing the them to identify trends and patterns in support of their research project. In 2006 BCIT, Eric, Justin and David discontinued ISID.

In 2008 Eric Byres of Byres Research Inc. and Mark Fabro of Lofty Perch Inc. began collaboration on a project to develop the Repository of Industrial Security Incidents (RISI) with a goal of making RISI available to the entire industrial automation community. On March 31st, 2009 exida acquired Byres Research and in July 2009 created the Security Incidents Organization™, to operate RISI and fulfill the vision of Eric, Justin, David, and Mark that one day this important information would be available to the community.

The spirit of ISID and RISI has always been about exemplary research and a sharing of information amongst a community of people who value this information. The Security Incidents Organization™ was established to maintain this spirit and to be a self-sustaining organization focused on performing research in the public interest and making the results of that research available to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis. It’s success is dependent not only on the financial support of member companies , but more importantly on the willingness of those affected by industrial security incidents to share their experiences for the benefit of the community.

In 2014, the Security Incidents Organization became officially under the exida umbrella and a new web site has been launched.

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