Salt River Project Hack

Event Year: 1994 Reliability: Confirmed
Country: United States
Industry Type: Power and Utilities

Between July 8th and August 31st, 1994, the perpetrator, Lane Jarret Davis, accessed a computer or computers belonging to the Salt River Project via a dialup modem on a backup computer. He was able to access data and delete files on systems responsible for the monitoring and delivery of water and power to SRP customers, as well as customer, financial and personnel records (#1).


The impacts reported on this incident are very contradictory. According to probation records (#1) Davis was able to access the canal control SCADA system for at least 5 hours, as well as accessing customer, financial and personnel records. SRP estimated that they suffered a $40,000 loss, not including the loss of productivity.

The press reports (#3) and statement by Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff (#2) that Davis had control of the SCADA system controlling the Roosevelt Dam spill gates are believed to be incorrect. According to emails from SRP representatives to the Washington Post, the canal SCADA system and dam SCADA systems are not connected (#4).