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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Process Control Network Infected with a Virus 2012 Petroleum
Gas Company Virus Infection 2012 Petroleum
Steel plant infected with Conficker 2011 Metals
Computer Glitch Causes Airplane Plunge 2008 Transportation Australia
Computer glitch blamed for train signalling failure 2011 Transportation Australia
Computer glitch caused plane’s altitude to drop 2009 Transportation Australia
Energy Company Virus Attack 2009 Power and Utilities Australia
Faulty Software Causes Torrens Lake Drain 2009 Water/Waste Water Australia
Tunnel Shutdown after Fault in Control System 2008 Transportation Australia
Attempted Cover-Up of Sewage Spillage 2005 Water/Waste Water Australia
Maroochy Shire Sewage Spill 2000 Water/Waste Water Australia
Ethernet Storm Wipes PLC’s Processor Memory 2000 Unknown Australia
Software Bug Blamed in Radioactive Spill 2002 Mining Australia
Baseline Audit Uncovers Virus in Water Control System 2003 Water/Waste Water Australia
Routine Audit of SCADA Laptop Identifies Virus 2005 Water/Waste Water Australia
Steel Plant infection with Ahack Worm 2008 Metals Brazil
Software Manufacturing Company Firewall Breach 2012 General Manufacturing Canada
Nacchi Virus Infects Air Canada Check-In System 2003 Transportation Canada
Virus Shuts Down AC Jazz Airline Flight Planning Computer 2003 Transportation Canada
DCS Console Reprogramming Causes Gateway Fault 1998 Pulp and Paper Canada
Trojan Backdoor on Water SCADA System 2004 Water/Waste Water Canada
Accidental Remote Uploading of PLC Program 2000 Petroleum Canada
Virus Infection of Operator Training Simulator 2002 Petroleum Canada
Hacker Changes Chemical Plant Set Points via Modem 2002 Chemical Canada
Blaster Impacts HMI Stations in Smelter 2003 Metals Canada
Telco Shuts Off Critical SCADA Comms 2003 Petroleum Canada
Whitehat Takeover of DCS Consoles 2002 Petroleum Canada
Duplicate IP Address Prevents Machine Startup 1996 Pulp and Paper Canada
PLC Password Change 1988 Pulp and Paper Canada
Broadcast Storm Shuts Down DCS Consoles 1997 Pulp and Paper Canada
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