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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

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Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Electronic Sabatoge of Venezuela Oil Operations 2002 Petroleum Venezuela
SCADA Attack on Production Plant of Global Chemical Company 2001 Chemical Unknown
Backdoor Trojan Attack on Manufacturing Lab 2004 Electronic Manufacturing Unknown
Unauthorized Connection Permits Sasser Infection 2004 Unknown Unknown
Korgo Worm Infects 20 Workstations 2004 Unknown Unknown
Hackers gain unauthorized access to a modular hybrid controller 2002 Unknown Unknown
Control System Infected with SQLslammer Worm 2003 Petroleum Unknown
Spybot Infection 2004 Unknown Unknown
Date Triggered Code Found on PLC 2003 Unknown Unknown
Sasser Infection from the Enterprise Network 2004 Other Unknown
Ping Sweep Causes PCS System to Hang 1998 Other Unknown
Ping Sweep Causes Inappropriate Control of a 9 Foot Robotic Arm 1998 Other Unknown
Penetration Test Locks-Up Gas Utility SCADA System 2002 Other Unknown
Energy Company Exposed to Hackers by a Phishing Attack 2007 Power and Utilities Unknown
Russian-Based Dragonfly Group Attacks Energy Industry 2014 Power and Utilities United States
U-2 spy plane caused widespread shutdown of U.S. flights: report 2014 Transportation United States
After ‘Godzilla Attack!’ U.S. warns about traffic-sign hackers 2014 Transportation United States
Public utility compromised after brute-force hack attack, says Homeland Security 2014 Power and Utilities United States
Hackers Target Cal - ISO System 2001 Power and Utilities United States
Nimda Impact on Manufacturing System 2001 Food & Beverage United States
Virus Impacts Paper Machine HMI 2004 Pulp and Paper United States
IP Address Change Shuts Down Chemical Plant 2002 Chemical United States
Theft of Relay Programming Laptops 2004 Power and Utilities United States
SCADA/EMS Alarm System Failure Contributes to Blackout 2003 Power and Utilities United States
Reverse Osmosis System PLC Attacked 2002 Electronic Manufacturing United States
DoS Attack Shuts Down Port of Houston 2001 Transportation United States
Navy Radar Shuts Down SCADA Systems 1999 Water/Waste Water United States
Anti-Virus Software Prevents Boiler Safety Shutdown 2001 Petroleum United States
Air Traffic Radar System in Palmdale California Crashes 2004 Transportation United States
Utility SCADA System Attacked 2001 Power and Utilities United States
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