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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

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Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Car Manufacturer Infected with Computer Virus 2008 Automotive Japan
Disgruntled Employee Remotely Disables Cars using the Webtech Plus System 2010 Automotive United States
Slammer Worm Hits Major US Auto Manufacturer 2003 Automotive United States
Zotob, PnP Worms Hit 13 Automotive Manufacturing Plants 2005 Automotive United States
Auto Manufacturer Hacked 2012 Automotive United States
Control system failure caused phosphine leak 2011 Chemical India
PC_SALITY.EN Virus Infects DCS Servers and Historians 2009 Chemical South Africa
Chemical Plant Explosion 2008 Chemical United States
Blaster Worm Infects Chemical Plant 2003 Chemical United Kingdom
Infected New HMI Infects Chemical Plant DCS 2003 Chemical Europe
Sasser Worm Causes Loss of View in Chemicals Plant 2004 Chemical United States
Contractor Accidentally Connects to Remote PLC 2003 Chemical United States
SCADA Attack on Production Plant of Global Chemical Company 2001 Chemical Unknown
Union Carbide Chemical Leak West Virginia 1985 Chemical United States
Nachi Worm on Advanced Process Control Servers 2003 Chemical France
Hacker Changes Chemical Plant Set Points via Modem 2002 Chemical Canada
IP Address Change Shuts Down Chemical Plant 2002 Chemical United States
Omega Engineering Sabotage 1996 Electronic Manufacturing United States
Backdoor Trojan Attack on Manufacturing Lab 2004 Electronic Manufacturing Unknown
Hackers Crash Controller via Web Service 2002 Electronic Manufacturing United Kingdom
Reverse Osmosis System PLC Attacked 2002 Electronic Manufacturing United States
Coors Brewing Shutdown 2004 Food & Beverage United States
Virus Infection On DCS 1999 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Infected Laptop Infects SCADA Network 2004 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Partial Loss of PLC Program 2005 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Software Vendor Patch Crashes SCADA System 2005 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
New Serial Communications Line Disrupts Network 1997 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Wrong Code Downloaded to PLC Causes Plant to Shutdown 1997 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Loss of Network Traffic on PCN 2004 Food & Beverage United States
Windows Compiler Causes PLC Code to Crash PLC 2001 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
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