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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Oil Company SCADA System Impacted by RF Interference 1989 Petroleum United States
Union Carbide Chemical Leak West Virginia 1985 Chemical United States
Y2K Test Crashes Reactor Computer 1999 Power and Utilities United States
Electronic Sabotage of Petroleum Company’s Gas Processing Plant 2001 Petroleum United States
Olympic Pipeline Rupture and Subsequent Fire 1999 Petroleum United States
Oakland Air-Traffic Control Center Outage 1995 Transportation United States
Ethernet Network Storm Zaps Multiple PLC5’s 2003 Pharmaceutical United States
SCADA Workstation Infected by W32/Korgo Worm 2004 Power and Utilities United States
Slammer Impacts Offshore Platforms 2003 Petroleum United States
SQL Slammer Impacts Drill Site 2003 Petroleum United States
Contractor Accidentally Connects to Remote PLC 2003 Chemical United States
Welchia Worm Infects Automation Network 2003 Petroleum United States
Paper Company Control System Hit By Blaster 2003 Pulp and Paper United States
PLC Crash In Food Plant 2005 Food & Beverage United States
Single PLC Lost For Unknown Reason 2003 General Manufacturing United States
Runaway Remote Control Train 2002 Transportation United States
Offsite Fiber Cable Cut Causes Loss of Communications 2005 Power and Utilities United States
Computer Flaw Makes Water Undrinkable 1998 Water/Waste Water United States
Code Red Worm Defaces Automation Web Pages 2001 Petroleum United States
Sasser Worm Causes Loss of View in Chemicals Plant 2004 Chemical United States
MUMU Infection of Operator Training System 2003 Petroleum United States
Blaster Infects Onshore Oil Production Control System 2003 Petroleum United States
11 Ethernet PLCs Fail At Once 2003 Metals United States
Malformed Packet Causes PLC Crash 2002 Unknown United States
E-Tag Incident 2005 Power and Utilities United States
PLCs Crashed by IT Audit 1995 Food & Beverage United States
Water Utility Hack Destroys Pump 2011 Water/Waste Water United States
Auto Manufacturer Hacked 2012 Automotive United States
Omega Engineering Sabotage 1996 Electronic Manufacturing United States
Ski Gondola Worker Shutdown Control System 2002 Transportation United States
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