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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Contractor Accidentally Connects to Remote PLC 2003 Chemical United States
Control system failure caused phosphine leak 2011 Chemical India
Control system failure causes bridge delays 2011 Transportation Guyana
Control system failure causes shutdown of liquified natural gas terminal 2010 Power and Utilities United States
Control System Infected with SQLslammer Worm 2003 Petroleum Unknown
Coors Brewing Shutdown 2004 Food & Beverage United States
Cyber Attack on Texas Electricity Provider 2010 Power and Utilities United States
Date Triggered Code Found on PLC 2003 Unknown Unknown
DCS Console Reprogramming Causes Gateway Fault 1998 Pulp and Paper Canada
Disgruntled Employee Remotely Disables Cars using the Webtech Plus System 2010 Automotive United States
DoS Attack Shuts Down Port of Houston 2001 Transportation United States
Duplicate IP Address Prevents Machine Startup 1996 Pulp and Paper Canada
E-Tag Incident 2005 Power and Utilities United States
Electronic Sabatoge of Venezuela Oil Operations 2002 Petroleum Venezuela
Electronic Sabotage of Petroleum Company’s Gas Processing Plant 2001 Petroleum United States
Emergency flight landing caused by computer glitch 2011 Transportation United States
Energy Company Exposed to Hackers by a Phishing Attack 2007 Power and Utilities Unknown
Energy Company Virus Attack 2009 Power and Utilities Australia
Engineers Hack into Los Angeles Traffic Signal Computer 2006 Transportation United States
Environmental Southland Target of Cyber Vandals 2009 Other New Zealand
Errant AntiVirus Definition Brings Down Railway LANs 2005 Transportation Japan
Ethernet Network Storm Zaps Multiple PLC5’s 2003 Pharmaceutical United States
Ethernet Storm Wipes PLC’s Processor Memory 2000 Unknown Australia
Failed Sensor on Wind Turbine Caused Shower of Ice Shards 2008 Power and Utilities United Kingdom
Faulty Signaling Software Causes Train Delays 2011 Transportation United Kingdom
Faulty Software Causes Torrens Lake Drain 2009 Water/Waste Water Australia
Faulty Train Signal Sends Train on Collision Course 2010 Transportation United Kingdom
Faulty Water Level Alarm Cause of Sewage Spill 2009 Water/Waste Water United States
Flood Warning System Failure Causes Flooding 2009 Water/Waste Water United Kingdom
Former System Administrator Sentenced for Wrecking Corporate Servers 2007 General Manufacturing United States
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