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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Two Viruses Cause Near Miss With Process Control Networks (PCN) in Africa 2004 Petroleum Chad
Tunnel Shutdown after Fault in Control System 2008 Transportation Australia
Trojan Found on SCADA Server 2006 General Manufacturing Russia
Trojan Backdoor on Water SCADA System 2004 Water/Waste Water Canada
Trans-Alaska pipeline spill 2010 Petroleum United States
Trains Shut Down Due to Computer Malfunction 2012 Transportation United States
Theft of Relay Programming Laptops 2004 Power and Utilities United States
Texas Road Sign Hack 2009 Transportation United States
Texas Power Company Hack 2009 Power and Utilities United States
Telco Shuts Off Critical SCADA Comms 2003 Petroleum Canada
Taum Sauk Water Storage Dam Failure 2005 Power and Utilities United States
Switch Malfunction Causes Sewage Spill 2007 Water/Waste Water United States
Steel Plant infection with Ahack Worm 2008 Metals Brazil
Steel plant infected with Conficker 2011 Metals
SQL Slammer Impacts Drill Site 2003 Petroleum United States
Spybot Infection 2004 Unknown Unknown
South Houston Water Treatment Plant Hack 2011 Water/Waste Water United States
Software Vendor Patch Crashes SCADA System 2005 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
Software Manufacturing Company Firewall Breach 2012 General Manufacturing Canada
Software failure contributes to rail car fire 2007 Transportation United States
Software Bug Blamed in Radioactive Spill 2002 Mining Australia
Sobig Virus Strikes CSX Train Signalling System 2003 Transportation United States
Slammer Worm Hits Major US Auto Manufacturer 2003 Automotive United States
Slammer Infected Laptop Shuts Down DCS 2003 Petroleum United Kingdom
Slammer Impacts Offshore Platforms 2003 Petroleum United States
Slammer Impact on Ohio Nuclear Plant 2003 Power and Utilities United States
Ski Gondola Worker Shutdown Control System 2002 Transportation United States
Single PLC Lost For Unknown Reason 2003 General Manufacturing United States
Signal problems cause train delays 2013 Transportation United States
Shamoon virus knocks out computers at Qatari gas firm RasGas 2012 Petroleum Qatar
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