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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Slammer Infected Laptop Shuts Down DCS 2003 Petroleum United Kingdom
11 Ethernet PLCs Fail At Once 2003 Metals United States
Telco Shuts Off Critical SCADA Comms 2003 Petroleum Canada
Computer Error Grounds Japanese Flights 2003 Transportation Japan
Slammer Impacts Offshore Platforms 2003 Petroleum United States
Slammer Worm Hits Major US Auto Manufacturer 2003 Automotive United States
SQL Slammer Impacts Drill Site 2003 Petroleum United States
Virus Infection of Operator Training Simulator 2002 Petroleum Canada
Malformed Packet Causes PLC Crash 2002 Unknown United States
Electronic Sabatoge of Venezuela Oil Operations 2002 Petroleum Venezuela
Hackers Crash Controller via Web Service 2002 Electronic Manufacturing United Kingdom
Hackers gain unauthorized access to a modular hybrid controller 2002 Unknown Unknown
Ski Gondola Worker Shutdown Control System 2002 Transportation United States
Penetration Test Locks-Up Gas Utility SCADA System 2002 Other Unknown
Reverse Osmosis System PLC Attacked 2002 Electronic Manufacturing United States
UK Air Traffic Control Computers Fail 2002 Transportation United Kingdom
Runaway Remote Control Train 2002 Transportation United States
IP Address Change Shuts Down Chemical Plant 2002 Chemical United States
Hacker Changes Chemical Plant Set Points via Modem 2002 Chemical Canada
Whitehat Takeover of DCS Consoles 2002 Petroleum Canada
Software Bug Blamed in Radioactive Spill 2002 Mining Australia
Utility SCADA System Attacked 2001 Power and Utilities United States
SCADA Attack on Production Plant of Global Chemical Company 2001 Chemical Unknown
Electronic Sabotage of Petroleum Company’s Gas Processing Plant 2001 Petroleum United States
Windows Compiler Causes PLC Code to Crash PLC 2001 Food & Beverage United Kingdom
DoS Attack Shuts Down Port of Houston 2001 Transportation United States
Nimda Impact on Manufacturing System 2001 Food & Beverage United States
Code Red Worm Defaces Automation Web Pages 2001 Petroleum United States
Anti-Virus Software Prevents Boiler Safety Shutdown 2001 Petroleum United States
Hackers Target Cal - ISO System 2001 Power and Utilities United States
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