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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

Updates to this database are currently on hold. We hope to proceed with updating it soon. Thank you for your patience.

Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Hacker Changes Chemical Plant Set Points via Modem 2002 Chemical Canada
Proposed Hack of UK Water Systems 2003 Water/Waste Water United Kingdom
Air Traffic Radar System in Palmdale California Crashes 2004 Transportation United States
Utility SCADA System Attacked 2001 Power and Utilities United States
Virus Attacks a European Utility 2003 Power and Utilities Europe
UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency Hit by Sasser Worm 2004 Other United Kingdom
Sasser Worm Hits British Airways 2004 Transportation United Kingdom
Nachi Worm on Advanced Process Control Servers 2003 Chemical France
Oil Company SCADA System Impacted by RF Interference 1989 Petroleum United States
Blockage of 12 Out Of 13 PLC Systems 2004 Other Switzerland
Weekly Connection Loss to PLCs 2004 Other Switzerland
Instability of the OSI Layer-2 Bridging 2004 Other Switzerland
Change of Network Service Stopped OSI Layer-2 Communication 2003 Other Switzerland
Union Carbide Chemical Leak West Virginia 1985 Chemical United States
Virus Infection of Operator Training Simulator 2002 Petroleum Canada
Accidental Remote Uploading of PLC Program 2000 Petroleum Canada
Y2K Test Crashes Reactor Computer 1999 Power and Utilities United States
SCADA Attack on Production Plant of Global Chemical Company 2001 Chemical Unknown
Electronic Sabotage of Petroleum Company’s Gas Processing Plant 2001 Petroleum United States
Computer Error at Sellafield Nuclear Plant in UK 1991 Power and Utilities United Kingdom
Olympic Pipeline Rupture and Subsequent Fire 1999 Petroleum United States
Oakland Air-Traffic Control Center Outage 1995 Transportation United States
Two Viruses Cause Near Miss With Process Control Networks (PCN) in Africa 2004 Petroleum Chad
Korean Air Line B747 CFIT Accident in Guam 1997 Transportation Guam
London August 2003 Power Blackout 2003 Power and Utilities United Kingdom
Ethernet Network Storm Zaps Multiple PLC5’s 2003 Pharmaceutical United States
UK Air Traffic Control Computers Fail 2002 Transportation United Kingdom
Errant AntiVirus Definition Brings Down Railway LANs 2005 Transportation Japan
SCADA Workstation Infected by W32/Korgo Worm 2004 Power and Utilities United States
Slammer Impacts Offshore Platforms 2003 Petroleum United States
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