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Last Updated: Wed, January 28, 2015

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Title Year Industry Type Country Brief
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Computer Failure Causes Jet Crash 2009 Transportation France
Computer Error Grounds Japanese Flights 2003 Transportation Japan
Computer Error Causes Flight Delays 2009 Transportation United States
Computer Error at Sellafield Nuclear Plant in UK 1991 Power and Utilities United Kingdom
Code Red Worm Defaces Automation Web Pages 2001 Petroleum United States
Circuit card shuts down nuclear plant 2011 Power and Utilities United States
CIA Trojan Causes Siberian Gas Pipeline Explosion 1982 Petroleum Russian Federation
Chemical Plant Explosion 2008 Chemical United States
Change of Network Service Stopped OSI Layer-2 Communication 2003 Other Switzerland
Cascade of Computer Crashes Causes Metro System Shutdown 2012 Transportation United States
Car Manufacturer Infected with Computer Virus 2008 Automotive Japan
Cancer Treatment Delayed by Virus 2006 Other United Kingdom
California Canal System Hack 2007 Water/Waste Water United States
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Scrammed (Shut Down) 2006 Power and Utilities United States
Broadcast Storm Shuts Down DCS Consoles 1997 Pulp and Paper Canada
Blockage of 12 Out Of 13 PLC Systems 2004 Other Switzerland
Blaster Worm Infects Chemical Plant 2003 Chemical United Kingdom
Blaster Infects Onshore Oil Production Control System 2003 Petroleum United States
Blaster Impacts HMI Stations in Smelter 2003 Metals Canada
Blackout in Florida 2008 Power and Utilities United States
Baseline Audit Uncovers Virus in Water Control System 2003 Water/Waste Water Australia
Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline explosion 2008 Petroleum Turkey
Backdoor Trojan Attack on Manufacturing Lab 2004 Electronic Manufacturing Unknown
Automated Antiaircraft Cannon Malfunctions, Kills 9, Wounds 14 2007 Other South Africa
Auto Manufacturer Hacked 2012 Automotive United States
Attempted Cover-Up of Sewage Spillage 2005 Water/Waste Water Australia
Anti-Virus Software Prevents Boiler Safety Shutdown 2001 Petroleum United States
Air Traffic Radar System in Palmdale California Crashes 2004 Transportation United States
After ‘Godzilla Attack!’ U.S. warns about traffic-sign hackers 2014 Transportation United States
Accidental Remote Uploading of PLC Program 2000 Petroleum Canada
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